Papers on Teaching / Pedagogy 

These papers focus on teaching and curriculum development in relation to violence, criminal justice, prisons, interdiscplinary studies and other areas.

 1. Lombardo - Pedagogy and Violence and the Violence Process.pdf

 Violence Process Pedagogy.pdf

This paper describes a process for teaching about violence that focuses on personal learning and understanding set in the study of various academic traditions for Understanding Violence

2. Undergrad Crim Justice ED.pdf

This paper describes the place of criminal justice education in institutions of higher education. It was written in 1978 in response to discussions regarding the place of criminal justice in higher education at a Virginia Criminal Justice Educators Association meeting. It draws on much of what was learned as a graduate student assistant for a workshop on "teaching corrections" in higher education conducted by faculty from the School of Criminal Justice at SUNY, Albany in the summer of 1973.

3. Lombardo Learning Corrections.pdf

This paper describes Dr. Lombardo's early experiences as a teacher in Auburn Correctional Facility and the lessons about prisons / corrections that he learned from those experiences. It is placed in the "teaching / pedagogy" section because it describes how academics and practice can be merged in teaching in the cause of "understanding" our experiences.

4. Lessons from 3rd World for American Criminal Justice.pdf 

This article grew our of my participation during 1981-1983 in a two year long seminar on integrating third world studies in the underrgraduate curriculum. One of my responsibilities was to develop ways of thinking about how approaches to crime and criminal justice in various regions of the world could become part of pedagogy related to criminal justice educational efforts in colleges and universities.

5. Nation Building and Social Control - Ivory Coast and Tanzania.pdf

This article draws on a 6 week study travel experience in Ivory Coast and Tanzania during the summer of 1983 and research conducted from during 1982-1983 in preparation for the travel experience. The study travel program was funded by Old Dominion University to enhance the third world faculty development program.

6. The Matrix and Interd GE and Lib Ed final 031702.pdf

This paper was written to document the general education curriculum review processes and program design at Old Dominion University from 1983-1986 and again in 2006-2007.

7. Developing Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Work and Professional Studies BS PRogram 1.pdf

This paper documents the development of the Work and Professional Studies BS Degres program at Old Dominion University from 2001-2003. By providing a vehicle to intergate students' working lives and experiences with rigorous and interdisciplinary academic study students learn of the myriad of forces that shape work environments and processes. In addition, they gain skills in navigating work and professional cultures and ways work contributes to meaning in their lives.